I strive to create a safe space where you can talk about your difficulties, worries and disappointments, and where long-buried feelings and memories from the past that created pain, confusion and anxiety can be supported in the present, thereby easing some of their grip on how you experience yourself and your relationships.

Often, our symptoms and behaviors are trying to tell us about something essential within ourselves that had to be pushed aside in our efforts to get along, or they may reflect traumatic experiences that could not be assimilated. In therapy, we seek to understand what brought these symptoms into being. Only then can we free ourselves to discover alternative pathways that allow us to live more meaningful and genuine lives.

Drawing upon my training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and Bioenergetic Analysis, I use a holistic body-mind approach, where we explore feelings stored in your body, in addition to what we can learn from your thought patterns, dreams, and the feelings that arise within the therapeutic relationship. In addition, my background as an internal medicine physician, allows me to understand the unique struggles of those working in the medical field, as well as those living with chronic illnesses.

Our goal will be to help you to understand yourself better, to reconnect with buried needs, longings and desires so that these can be used to guide the choices you make in your life, and to contact and work through unexpressed painful emotions and unprocessed traumatic experiences that contribute to ongoing pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and strained relationships.

It would be a privilege to help guide you in this important endeavor. Please call or email me to set up a consultation.

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